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ieget_animated.gif (7090 bytes) Microsoft Internet Explorer delivers the most rewarding Web experience ever by bringing you the best browser, complete communication and collaboration, True Web Integration, and webcasting including Active Channels™. Download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer at:

now_anim.gif (4772 bytes)Netscape Communications Corporation aims to be the leading provider of open software that links people and information over the Internet and intranets. Netscape Navigator is known to be the worlds number one web browser. Download the latest version of Netscape Navigator at:

getacro.gif (712 bytes)The free Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major computing platforms. Acrobat Reader is the free viewing companion to Adobe Acrobat and to Acrobat Capture software. Download this free utility at:

freeplayer_g2.gif (2464 bytes)Download RealPlayer G2, the latest technology available from Real Networks. As the leader in streaming Audio and Video, Real Networks has taken a quantum leap in Audio and Video quality. Download this free utility at:

get_shock.gif (2063 bytes)Get Shocked! Shockwave is a series of players that let you view high-quality, streaming content in a Web browser. Download this free utility at:  Shockwave is animation and entertainment on the Web!

designed_by.gif (2948 bytes)With the help of some of our viewers, we have put together some other resources for your business and viewing pleasure.  If you have a special site that you think we should know about, or that you feel may be useful for others please let us know!!   Simply complete our easy feedback form or e-mail us at:



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