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Web Site Design
Web Site Modification
Web Site Maintenance
Hardware and Software Setup

Web Site Design
At Cybermetric Technologies, we provide all of our Web site design services for a rate of $35 per hour. We can also provide these services by way of a written contract if you prefer. Since our custom sites can be of any size and complexity to fit your needs, we cannot give a general price for a Web site. But to give you an idea, the average 6-8 page Web site generally runs between $800 and $1200, while more elaborate sites can run up to $3000 or more. As a point of reference, this Web site with its custom graphics and JavaScript would run about $2000. The best way to learn what Cybermetric Technologies can do for your company or business is to contact us. We will provide you with a free consultation and a custom quote.

Web Site Modification          [ Back to Top ]
If you currently have a Web site but feel it is missing something, Cybermetric Technologies can help. Whether your existing Web site needs a few custom graphics or a complete face-lift, let our team of designers, HTML authors, and programmers give your Web site the look and feel you have established for your business and what your viewers expect. We offer the same services as we do for Web site design, except we begin working with your existing site's content and structure. We provide this service at our standard hourly rate of $35 per hour or by contract. If you would like a free consultation and custom quote, please contact us and provide us with your URL.

Web Site Maintenance          [ Back to Top ]
Cybermetric Technologies can provide you with a custom maintenance plan that will keep your graphics, data, and content up to date. Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, our custom maintenance plan will keep your viewers coming back. We provide this service at our standard hourly rate of $35 per hour or by contract. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Hardware and Software Setup          [ Back to Top ]
Cybermetric Technologies provides custom hardware and software setup to our clients in the Greensboro, NC area (within a 50 mile radius). If you think your business may require any of the services listed below, please contact us so we can provide you with the computer solutions you require. These services are provided at $45 per hour or by contract.

  • Custom configured computers
  • Productivity software installation
  • E-mail and Internet software configuration
  • Hardware and software upgrades

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