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Designed by Cybermetric TechnologiesBelow is a collection of some Web sites which
were designed by Cybermetric Technologies.
Take 1 Audio and Video Headquarters offers state of the art desktop video editing solutions.  This Web site was constructed to offer Take 1 AV's products to a world-wide audience.  Cybermetric Technologies assisted Crawford Creations, which specializes in graphic design and Macromedia Shockwave, with the development of this Web site.

ATI Logo
Automation Techniques, Inc., which does everything from basic machine design to intricate process engineering, needed a Web site to attract new clients as well as provide information to its clients and partners.  The site was designed to be both informative and user friendly.

MyRoofman Logo
MyRoofman, a company devoted to servicing and repairing roofs in the Northern Virginia area, required a site to allow customers to register online for services and estimates. The site was co-developed with our partner company Crawford Creations, which specializes in graphic design and Macromedia Shockwave.

SECURCORP, a company which provides international security, needed a Web site to provide information to potential clients around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cybermetric Technologies was happy to design and host this site yet keeping it within a small budget.

Heaven's Country
Heaven's Country is a multi-entertainment and Christian educational ministry with an interactive Web site which utilizes Real Audio and some of the latest web programming technologies.  Cybermetric Technologies provided Heaven's Country with custom Java scripts for their Web site.

Crawford Creations

Cybermetric Technologies utilizes the exceptional graphic design and multimedia talents of Crawford Creations to create stunning Web sites.  All graphics on their Web site were custom made by Crawford Creations.  Check out the Crawford Creation's Portfolio to see a sample of the awesome graphics they create.

The National Defense Transportation Association is an educational, non-profit, world-wide organization, equipped to combine the transportation industry's manpower and skills with the expertise of those in government and military to achieve the mutual objective of a strong and responsive transportation capability.

We are currently in the process of developing 2 additional Web sites for NDTA.  The links to these sites will be posted upon completion. Logo
Although is currently under construction, when completed, it will utilize the latest Web technologies including: 3D graphic design, Shockwave Flash, Real Audio, Java/JavaScript.  All graphics on this site were custom created by Crawford Creations and Cybermetric Technologies.  If you are a Van Halen fan, this is a site to add to you Favorites List as it will soon be the most visited Van Halen Web site on the internet.

CT Logo
We are currently making new additions to our Web site.  All though we are always busy with other projects, here is a list of additions that we have in progress as time permits:

  • A Shockwave enhanced site for those of you who enjoy a full multimedia presentation of information.
  • A Spanish site offering our services to the Spanish speaking community.
  • A text-only site for our viewers using text-only web browsers.

Check back often to see the latest companies who have chosen Cybermetric Technologies to design their Web sites.

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