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How would the World-Wide-Web benefit my company or business?
Since the introduction of the World-Wide-Web in 1991, businesses of all sizes from around the world have realized the Web has several advantages. The Web allows a company to advertise and market, provide customer service, provide up to date information, and the ability to do even more complex procedures such as sell their products or services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Many companies these days would like to own a Web site implementing E-commerce, but lack the knowledge and the know how to do it. Cybermetric Technologies can resolve that issue for our clients. In 1997, $4.3 billion was spent in online purchases. It is estimated that by 2002 that figure will grow to an astounding $52 billion. By providing secure credit card transactions and authorization over the Web, Cybermetric Technologies is leading their clients into the next century. Some companies prefer to simply advertise and/or provide up to date information on their Web site. By providing up to date price lists, questionnaires, company feedback, e-mail addresses and phone numbers (to name a few) they are better serving their audience and potential customers. The World-Wide-Web allows this content to be viewed on a global scale. This information is presented in an attractive, easy to navigate format, which is fun and interactive. Also, the content found on the Web can't be lost like conventional print advertisements. In addition, your Web site can be updated with any information you like, whenever you like.

I am interested in E-Commerce (online shopping.) Are credit card transactions over the Web safe?          [ Back to Top ]
Although we can't answer this question regarding every site on the Web today, we can say that the sites developed by Cybermetric Technologies are safe. We utilize the most advanced digital encryption technology. This allows all information such as credit card information to be digitally scrambled, which is then received and decoded by the recipient (the same technology utilized by banks and financial institutions.) We actually feel as though the next century's form of shopping online is actually safer than that of conventional shopping, due to the exposure of credit card numbers and information in a conventional business. In a conventional business, credit card information may be "passed" from a sales person, to the cashier, to an accountant, then to a bank employee. We are not degrading the security risks as much as the possibility of human error. Although both give the potential to lose your customer or client. Cybermetric Technologies utilizes technology to authorize a credit card, and process the order to your company after the authorization and/or deposit. By utilizing this technology, security risks are minimized, and possibility of human error is eliminated.

Is it expensive to be on the Web?          [ Back to Top ]
No. Most of the cost associated with being on the Web results from the design and setup of your Web site. This one time charge creates and sets up your site. At that point, the monthly maintenance cost of your Web site is usually minimal. The total cost is only a fraction when compared to conventional forms of advertising (such as radio, television, print ads, etc.)

Why should I choose Cybermetric Technologies to design or update my Web site?          [ Back to Top ]
Your company's image on the Web is important to us. We are full service professionals that have been designing and updating Web sites for over five years. We have the experience, talents and tools to make your Web presence a success. We have made the common mistakes made by many others today, and have learned how to avoid them the first time. If your site is not viewable on most platforms, if the site takes long to load, or if your site is hard to navigate: it will actually work against your company or business. We design all of our sites to fulfill these requirements and more. When your company hires Cybermetric Technologies to perform a task, we do it right the first time, on time. We will work with you, not for you. Our Web sites are not completed until only you, as our client is completely satisfied. By providing such competitive rates and offering the services listed on this site, is there any reason not to choose Cybermetric Technologies to design or update your Web site?

Can't anybody create a Web page these days?          [ Back to Top ]
Although tools and software are available to simplify the process of creating Web pages, development of a high quality Web site still requires the talents and experience of a professional. At Cybermetric Technologies we have the talent and experience to make your site with the quality your viewers expect. As the old saying goes "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." We test all of our sites on multiple platforms to ensure that your site is attractive, easy to navigate and downloads in minimal time. If any of these qualities are missing, your site may actually work against you. We encourage you to navigate through our site and see first hand the quality of site development that Cybermetric can perform for you.

Why do some Web sites look and perform different on other computers or browsers?          [ Back to Top ]
There are several reasons for this. Most of the problems caused in this situation are because the developer did not test the Web site properly. Many times, a developer will test a site only on one computer, and may test it in only one or two browsers. Most developers test their Web sites on a computer which is usually faster than average, and has a monitor larger than average. At Cybermetric Technologies all of our sites are tested on multiple operating systems, a variety of computers, utilizing many browsers, and 14-inch to 21-inch monitors. Another reason why some Web sites look different is due to browser specific programming. Sometimes a developer will implement specific programming into a Web site (such as Active X, Java, Image Maps, and Frames, to name a few) to better enhance the Web site. Then the developer may forget to utilize other methods for viewing the site on older machines. At Cybermetric Technologies, we develop custom tailored sites according to our client. In the event we use such programming, we make sure that the Web site is still attractive and viewable by most platforms, while utilizing the latest technologies for those that have the latest computers and software.

Do I need a computer to be on the Web?          [ Back to Top ]
No. To have an Internet presence does not require a computer. We can develop and maintain your site, and host it on the server of your choice. None of which require you, as our client, to have a computer. However, if you choose for us to host your site, we can supply your company with custom e-mail addresses ( This would require a computer for sending and receiving e-mail. We only mention this because we have found that many of our clients have other contacts or vendors, which also have e-mail accounts. E-mail greatly reduces the cost of phone and fax transmissions.

Domain Name, URL, Web Hosting. What does all this stuff mean?
[ Back to Top ]
We have listed these terms for you:
1. Your URL (Universal Resource Locator) is your Internet address. This is the address the people type into their browser to get to your site. (this can also be your domain name - see below)
2. Your Domain Name is your Internet address that you have registered with InterNIC. ( - Use our Domain Name Search Form to see if your Domain name is available.
3. A Web Hosting Service is the service which stores your Web site on a server, which is connected to the World-Wide-Web.

Your site can be hosted on your current ISP's (Internet Service Provider-such as America Online, or Prodigy) server and accessed via your URL. (Example: in this example, netspace is the ISP, and benji is the company or individual who owns the Web site. This method is least expensive, but has a few drawbacks:
1. Your Internet address is longer and harder to remember.
2. Your ISP usually limits your amount of storage space (1 MB for example) and the amount of data transfer provided. Also, you are usually restricted to only your current E-mail addresses (

Your site can be hosted by Cybermetric Technologies. We will register your personalized domain name with InterNIC. This option will allow you much more flexibility on the Web.
1. Your Internet address is shorter and much easier to remember. (
2. Much more flexibility. We have several hosting options available to suit the needs of any business or company. These options offer multiple E-mail accounts, more space for storing data, and more data transfer. These options will actually save money compared to what your ISP would charge if your were to exceed their limited availability.

You CAN still have your own domain name AND have your ISP host your site. This may be an option, but restrictions may apply as mentioned above.

What are Search Engines and Directories? How do they promote my exposure on the Web?          [ Back to Top ]
There are millions of Web pages on the Web today. Without knowing your domain name or Internet address, Web users, and your potential customers don't know how to get to your Web site. Search engines such as Lycos, Yahoo!!, and Webcrawler are ways people find your site on the Web. Here the user enters a "keyword" or "search phrase" of what they are looking for. The search engine or directory provides the user with a list of possible matches. It is important to properly register information with search engines and directories and keep the information up to date. Without registering information, or by registering information improperly, your site will not receive the proper exposure from people using these search engines and directories. See our World-Wide-Web Search Form to learn more about how a search engine works.

Some of this stuff is really confusing. Can someone explain this to me in plain English?          [ Back to Top ]
We understand that some of the details about bringing a company onto the Web may be confusing. Even though some of the terms may be long or confusing at first, it is a fairly simple process to get your company on the Web. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, complete our feedback form if you have any comments or suggestions to make this site more enjoyable or functional.


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